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madder |' made| .n ~  a plant traditionally used to create red and pink dyes for clothing

Our company was set up following a visit to India and a continued exploration of the colours, patterns, textures and craft techniques we had seen. Our idea came about after spending much of our 2020 lockdown in comfort clothing. We wanted to create pyjama shorts which could also be worn out and about! The relaxed fit and vibrant patterns are perfect for throwing on for a trip to the beach, a cosy night in or for lounging around the house.


Each pair of shorts is handmade in Jaipur by artisans of woodblock printing. They carve each design into blocks of wood and gradually print each layer to create the intricate designs. 

Our high quality shorts are made from 100% cotton and embrace an eco-friendly approach to the "Slow Fashion" movement. This encourages slower production, unifies sustainability with ethics, and ultimately invites consumers to invest in well-made and lasting clothes. We use recyclable products for all our packaging and limit unnecessary products such as tissue paper and stickers where possible so that everything is reusable.

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